It’s been another long day and as you pull up into your driveway you notice that all of the lights are off. Not to worry. Just press the button that opens your garage door, and magically, a bright path of light appears and welcomes you home. Once inside, you go to the wall keypad and press the “evening” button. Within moments, your home has an entirely different look. Your artwork is highlighted to accentuate the colors, the lamps in the Living Room are at 1/2 brightness, and a path to the Bedroom is now on, welcoming you to head that direction to get into your sweatsuit to relax or enjoy a workout. No need to look for wall switches or be blinded by those irritating bulbs. Just a simple press of a button and a lighting scene is created.

By modifying the brightness levels of the lights you can create an entirely new feel for your home and save energy at the same time. Do you realize that by dimming your bulb only 10% will double your bulb life while losing only 3% of visible light to your eyes? Tired of replacing those bulbs on your Foyer chandelier? Dim them by 50% and not only create a more inviting entry for your guests, but increase bulb life by close to 10 times normal life.

Have you ever gone into a home and noticed all of the switches on the walls. Oftentimes up to 8 switches in a single location. How about replacing that with a simple keypad with “scene” options. Even in designer colors. Or having your window shades work with your lighting control system.

These are just a few examples of the possibilities available to you when you introduce lighting control to your home. At Electronic Lifestyles, we are partnered with Lutron Lighting Control to provide you with the best that this industry has to offer. Give us a call for a personal consultation to discuss all of your options in this exciting industry.