Distributed Audio and Video

Here at Electronic Lifestyles we are always looking to provide our clients with the newest technology, while never losing sight of the importance of the “ease of use” factor. With this goal in mind we designed the Apple TV Network.

Have you ever wanted to start watching a movie in the bedroom and then finish it in the living room? Or would you like the convenience of renting a movie from the living room rather then driving to the local video store? And how about having your entire music collection available in every room of the house with the touch of a few buttons? With our unique Apple TV Network all of this is possible. You have a set-top box in each room. The box is only 7″x7″x1″, so it’s cosmetically appealing. You then have a server which is an IMAC computer, located in a distribution area, that remains on 24/7. The server keeps all the set-top boxes in Sync with each other.

With this system you can buy your music and movies right from the worlds largest digital music store, Apple Itunes Music Store. So what do you do with the CDs you already own? We just load them right into the server making them avalable into all the rooms of the house.

In todays world your music is not just in your house, its in your pocket with your IPOD or IPHONE, and it goes where you go. No problem. We offer the ability to sync your IPOD and IPHONE with your server so that you have all your music with you when and where you want it.

Its not just music anymore, you can get movies, TV shows, Podcasts, Music Videos, Audiobooks, and movie rentals in full 1080p HD (equal to that of Blu-Ray). Plus you can watch YouTube videos, and view your Flickr pictures all on your big screen TV.

The entire system is wireless. Your set-top boxes talk to the server over a secured wireless network set-up for the Apple TV Network products only. The set-top boxes send the information to the computer, which then figures out which boxes have the information and which ones don’t. It then sends the information to the boxes that don’t have it. This keeps all the units in perfect harmony.

If you have kids no problem, just set the parental controls and disable them from viewing certain TV shows, making purchases, or even going to Youtube.

We put you in total control of your Electronic Lifestyle with the unique Apple TV Network.