Home Automation

You’ve just landed at the Airport after a long week of travel. And you’ve noticed that the temperature outside is quite a bit cooler than when you left. So you pull out your laptop or phone and log into your home. By clicking on a couple of control icons you adjust the temperature at home to a comfortable 70 degrees, turn the lights on to a Welcome scene, start some music, and get the hot tub warming up so it’s ready for you upon arrival. You have also instructed your home to disable the security system when you open the garage door. Now it’s just a short drive and you’ll be home to all the comforts you look forward to.

Sound good? Well that’s just one example of what Home Automation can do for you. Sound too complicated? There are also a number of very simple and cost effective solutions as well as the more complex systems. Activate multiple commands with the single touch of a button and save energy too. Call Electronic Lifestyles to discuss all of the options available in the ever expanding world of Home Automation.