Home Wiring

So you’re building a new home or office? T.V., Phone, Computer Data, Lighting, Home Automation, Security. What wire do you need to install? Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6? Dual or Quad shiedled Coax? HDMI or Component Video? What gauge of wire for your Speakers? How will you control all of your components? What are the power requirements? Do I need shielded or Plenum wire? What do I actually need and what should I do to insure maximum resale value for my home? Sound confusing? It can be, but these are some of the many questions that will arise when you are expanding upon your “Electronic Lifestyle”. Thus the need to involve a true professional to help you sort it all out. Regardless of your immediate needs, it’s imperative to get the proper wire in place. Where do you go to get this information and insure proper installation? Look no further than Electronic Lifestyles.

At Electronic Lifestyles, we deal with these questions every day, and have done so for close to 20 years. New or existing projects, residential or commercial, we will insure that all necessary wiring is not only in place, but installed properly, as to insure maximum performance for all components connected. We will also work with all of your other Sub-Contractors to make sure communication with other sub-systems will be in place. The secret to a successful installation is to address all of the wiring design details on the front end of the project and to plan for all possibilites in regard to maximum system operation. So give us a call and let us take care of the details. Then you can focus on the end result. And just be excited about the completion of your new home or office.